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Nursing Services

Nursing services are provided through the Nurse Executive, the Associate Nurse Executive, the Nurse Administrators for weekdays, weekends, evenings and nights, and Unit Nurse Managers and nursing staff. An Infection Control Nurse handles infection control issues. Transportation services are provided for clients with off-campus appointments.

The Nurse Executive provides professional supervision of nursing services to ensure the direction, monitoring and assessment of professional nursing care. The Assistant Nurse Executive is directly responsible for the manpower/ PRN program and provides assistance with Performance Improvement (PI) programs. The Nurse Administrators supervise nursing staff after normal working hours.

The Nurse Managers are responsible for all aspects of professional nursing care on the units to which they are assigned. Registered nurses on each unit are responsible for the application of the nursing process for each client, which includes assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the nursing care for each client. Registered nurses are responsible for incorporating the nursing assessment into the individualized treatment plan through the team process. They continuously update the staff on a client’s progress through documentation of active treatment and to client’s response to the implemented care in the medical record. Information is shared during team and unit meetings. All nurses must maintain a current license to practice nursing in the state of Georgia and are expected to uphold the standards set by the Georgia Board of Nursing for ethical conduct and provision of Standards of Nursing Care.

The hospital is affiliated with a number of schools of nursing for the training of nurses. The hospital has met the standards established by the Georgia Board of Nursing and the National League of Nursing to be a training site for nursing students.

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Mission: Provide and promote local accessibility and choice of services and programs for individuals, families and communities through partnership, in order to create a sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient life in the community.

Vision: Every person who participates in our services leads a satisfying, independent life with dignity and respect.


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